Why to go for MS Access Training ?

MS-Access is a powerful Database tool to Record/Manage/Analyse large amount of data.

MS-Excel is a report  presentation tool not database tool,  MS-Excel has limit of no of rows, many times MS-Excel file corrupts  then whole data get lost.

In MS-Excess we can Summarise/Prepare various reports from interlinking of many different reports quickly by database design concepts.

It quickly performs multiple Vlookup like features of MS-Excel just by interlinking those tables.

Basic knowledge of MS-Excel is necessary to better understand MS-Excess for home-record keeping or for a business.

Reason 1: Copying an Excel worksheet to an Access datasheet
Reason 2: Sharing data by linking to an Excel worksheet from Access
Reason 3: Moving data by importing Excel data into Access
Reason 4: Connecting to Access data from Excel
Reason 5: Using Access reports with Excel data
Reason 6: Using Access forms with Excel data
Reason 7: Filtering, sorting, and querying in Access is so like Excel
Reason 8: Collecting data for Excel analysis by using Access
Reason 9: Doing a Mail Merge or creating labels
Reason 10: Combining Excel and Access with SharePoint technologies

Broad Comparison of Excel and Access

Course Topics

Lesson 1: Microsoft Access Introduction, Database Design Concept and Requirements.

Lesson 2: Creating Multiple type of Database and Tables.

Lesson 3: Union and Intersection of Tables.

Lesson 4 & 5: Relationships and Joins among various tables and Queries.

Lesson 6: Conditional Queries using criteria, delete and append table etc.

Lesson 7: Creating Calculated Expressions, Summarizing Data, PivotTables.

Lesson 8: Designing Queries for  Multiple Reports.

Lesson 9: Importing and Exporting Data/Reports for various Platforms.

Lesson 10: Advance Tricks for Data Formats, Data Import/Export, Data Linking etc.

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